Sustainable green cleaning in the office

Environmental awareness is increasing in our society and across the globe. Now, many employers are bringing this awareness to the office space, where they are interested in employing eco-friendly office cleaning services. People are looking at the everyday products around them to make sure they are as safe and environmentally-friendly as possible. Cleaning products are among the items that come under the most scrutiny because they often contain chemicals that could be bad for human health and the environment.

The rise of green cleaning services
Eco-friendly office cleaning businesses have been flourishing due to this growing desire for green cleaning services. Cleaning companies can see that there is an increasing passion for environmental responsibility in the workplace, so they are utilizing eco-friendly cleaning products and methods to meet customer demand.

In some cases, eco-friendly office cleaning companies have been founded specifically on the principles of green cleaning in the hopes of appealing to people seeking alternatives to traditional cleaning methods. In other cases, already-existing cleaning and janitorial businesses have switched out their old products and transformed their services so that they can now successfully enter the market for green cleaning services.

Green cleaning products and processes
Those of us who have long been used to the idea that a “clean” smell is essentially a heavy chemical smell may be skeptical that it’s even possible to do a thorough cleaning with non-toxic substances. But innovators have been hard at work developing effective eco-friendly cleaning products, both for homes and commercial spaces, that use safe, natural ingredients.

Eco-friendly cleaning products
Virtually all of your standard cleaning products, from glass cleaner to dishwashing liquid, have alternative green versions available from an array of sustainable, earth-friendly companies. Some are also available in industrial or commercial sizes that are ideal for the purposes of eco-friendly office cleaning.

Just a few of the options available for green cleaning include:

Simple Green degreasers and lime scale removers
Better Life stainless steel polish
Enviro Care carpet and upholstery cleaner
Osmo Wash and Care wood floor cleaner
Seventh Generation laundry detergent
Moldex mold remover
Naturama kitchen equipment cleaner
GreenWorks chlorine-free bleach
These products avoid a number of undesirable ingredients, including VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and often have pleasant, natural scents. Many of these green products have the additional advantage of being animal cruelty-free as well.

Green cleaning processes and policies
Eco-friendly office cleaning is about more than just the products, though. The best green cleaning companies also adopt eco-friendly green processes. These are processes that don’t over-utilize natural resources or emit toxins that could be harmful to the environment. They also enact policies (for example, regarding what kinds of third-party vendors they will work with) that are appropriate for an eco-friendly office cleaning service.